Steering into the 21st Century
Consumer Freedom and Responsibility

Consumer Freedom and Responsibility

Consumer360Academy is a webportal for consumers of the 21st century. Towards an economy of dialogue, of question and answer. About sustainability, true price and true income, and responsible lifestyles.

Consumers who feel responsible for their purchases, for the environment and for their relations with all the producers. Especially a platform for latest developments and new initiatives for sustainable products and services, fair trade and mutual respect in a globalising world, for 'consumer governance' in general!

This website gives you the most basic information plus many links to websites with the newest most relevant background information.

Towards an economy of question and answer

Every day we make decisions to which ‘producer’ our euro yen or dollar starts its new 'circle'. And when we ask better questions, producers can give better answers. So as consumers we can help change the economy of supply and demand towards an economy of question and answer!

In the world economy we have producers and consumers, and traders and banks to connect those two. As consumers we have twelve necessities of life so we have to do with twelve groups of producers / traders / consumer associations. Our final decision-making is always about seven aspects: quality, quantity, price, guarantee, payment, delivery and consumption itself.

These basic elements of management information can be used to find the best information, the most relevant arguments to buy or not to buy, to take the best possible decisions. For 'consumer governance' in the first place but very useful for corporate governance as well. For sorting all detailed information in emails, libraries, archives and websites. But especially for our daily expenses registrated in a budget agenda or any other system of bookkeeping in home economics. For keeping a clear view on the big picture!

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